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Learn, adapt,
and  thrive

Dog jumping up on female trainer | Christchurch New Zealand
Samoyed, Schnauzer and Grehound mix happily lying in field of flowers | Christchurch New Zealand

Adaptive Behaviour provides exceptional dog training services to help educate and empower people and their dogs.

We offer in-person and online support, utilizing positive reinforcement, and proven methodology to help achieve the best possible behavioural outcomes.


Your dog can be your dream dog!

Build the relationship and life with your dog you've always wanted,
with gentle guidance every step of the way.

We'll help you understand, communicate with and teach your dog the skills they need for an easier, more enjoyable life. 

You'll gain:

  • A deeper understanding of behaviour and why your dog does what they do

  • Easy and effective games and techniques to deal with distractions, big feelings and unwanted behaviour, and the ability to use them for maximum success!

  • The knowledge and skills to get your dog to (want to!) listen to you so you can be relaxed, confident, and proud of your dog and their behaviour; not just at home but wherever your adventures may take you

  • A cooperative, fulfilling relationship with your best canine friend

  • Access to lifetime support and a community of like-minded dog people

Diversity is celebrated here! We know one size doesn't fit all.
My methods and services are practical and flexible to suit individual needs,
so you and your dog are set up for success and the results you desire.
Private and group training
for life skills and behaviour issues


Remote training and behavioural support -
learn on your own, or join a community

What Clients Say

We have recently started working with Lavinia and I can't recommend her enough!!! We felt like we had hit a brick wall with our boy, we were so stressed about how to help him. He was howling, anxious and always sick but in the 3ish weeks that we've worked with Lavinia so far, he's already completely changed he's even stopped chewing his bed!!! We had previously worked with another trainer that basically taught us intimidation training which caused all his issues but Lavinia teaches you training and also how to have a good relationship with your dog.
~ Kelly and Benji
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