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Living with a dog is an ever-evolving journey of learning and growth. 

Behaviour change takes time, and consistent, regular, productive practice to fully address training issues, and properly establish the skills your dog needs to thrive! Having an expert (like me!) in your corner, providing skilled, knowledgable help how and when you need it, will make the journey easier, and all your hard work worthwhile.

I’ve designed my in-person services to provide flexible, accessible support to suit you and your dog - monthly memberships for families needing individual and specialized support, and drop-in small group classes for more affordable opportunities to learn and practice life skills, socialisation and resolve reactivity.

Ready to get started??


Monthly memberships


$275 /month for 2 months

For relaxed journeys 

and skill maintenance

  • Two 60 min private training sessions 

  • Up to 10 group classes

  • 10% discount off additional services

Bonus support:

  • Personalised notes

  • Weekly Zoom catch-ups

  • Online training community membership with access to discussion forums

  • LIFETIME email support


$600 / month 


Premium membership for more intensive support  

  • Two 90 min private sessions

  • One 60 min private practical 

  • UNLIMITED group classes

  • 10% discount off additional services

Bonus support:

  • Personalised notes 

  • Unlimited video feedback

  • 7 days/week text, email or instant messaging support

  • Weekly Zoom catch-ups

  • Online community membership with unrestricted access to forums, downloads and courses

  • LIFETIME email support

New member training gear:

  • High quality treat-bag

  • 3.5m biothane longline

  • Training clicker

  • UNLIMITED private training 

  • UNLIMITED online sessions

  • UNLIMITED group classes

  • 4x 60 min trainer-only sessions -
    I train your dog for you! 


Bonus support

  • Personalised notes and resources 

  • ​Unlimited video feedback

  • 7 days/week text, email and instant messaging support

  • Weekly Zoom catchups

  • Unrestricted online community membership with forums, downloads and courses

  • LIFETIME online support

New member training gear

  • Enrichment toy 

  • High quality treat-bag

  • 3.5m biothane longline

  • Training clicker


$2000 / month 


Unlimited everything for maximum progress!

Group Sessions


Life Skills

Basic training and essential skills for all dogs


This program is perfect for your:

  • new dog or puppy

  • excitable adolescent

  • adult dog that needs a brush-up on manners

To learn comprehensive life skills in real-life situations with expert support.

Class is held in two locations (the Adaptive Paddock and downtown Christchurch) for varying challenges, with flexible drop-in enrolment on weekdays and weekends to suit your schedule.

You'll learn:

  • Getting focus around distractions

  • Recalls

  • Loose leash walking

  • Polite behaviour around dogs and people

  • Calmness and relaxation

  • Impulse control

Big feelings? No problem! Resolve reactivity in a safe, supportive environment

Reactive Dog Class_edited.jpg

Reactive Rover

Does your dog struggle in public? Are you exhausted from all that barking and lunging? Do you just want to be able to leave the house without stressing about who you might encounter?

This program will teach you and your dog how to successfully navigate an unpredictable and sometimes overwhelming world with calmness and ease.

You'll learn:

  • How to change your dog's emotional response and behaviour to their triggers

  • Management and emergency techniques 

  • Games to build focus and engagement

  • Ways to reduce arousal and stress

Carefully curated social experiences for friendly and not-so-friendly dogs



 It can be difficult finding socialisation and exposure opportunities that aren't fraught with risk and stress! 

These sessions are designed to allow the social butterflies and the wallflowers to develop and practice their social skills at their pace and level in a managed environment with knowledgeable supervision and safe, controlled dogs.

Socialisation options:

  • Slightly Socials - for dogs that need space and/or minimal contact, e.g. shy dogs, reactive rehabbers. 

  • Super(vised) Socials - for friendly (or overly friendly) dogs that are happy with interactions and close contact


Schedule a First Steps session

Answer a few quick questions, then book a 60min First Steps session on phone/Zoom.  We can discuss your situation and goals, figure out a plan and some strategies you can implement straight away to start your successful training journey.  


Join the Family

You can enrol, pay for and schedule all your sessions online and at your convenience. You'll also receive an new client info packet, and a behaviour questionnaire to fill out.

Now you're all set to go!


The Work (& Fun) Begins!

Are you ready?! Here comes the transformation from difficult dog to wonderdog! You'll enjoy learning and growing together and discovering how great life with a dog can be with some understanding, skills, and handy tricks, as well as dedicated support from a knowledgable, experienced coach and cheerleader to help you along the way.
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